Career Assessment

Career Planning on the basis of Individual Interests, Aptitude, Skills and Traits

Career Guidance

It is a preventive step which assists the students in choosing the Best Career

Career Counselling

Professional Advise by Experts

Online Counseling and Guidance services are available. Call us : 7995675123


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Career counseling

Are you stuck on what to do next? Wherever you are in your studies or career, we can help you make decisions with our career counseling. So, if you’re deciding what to do next after 10th, intermediate, engineering, B. Com, B. Sc, B.A, or Post Graduation, we can assist you!

For all your career planning, please contact us. You won’t be disappointed with the advice you get and will be confident that you’re making the right choice in this important decision


  • Is your child the next SrinivasaRamanujan?
  • Does your little one have a gift or unique talents?
  • Is your child gifted and needs his/her potential unlocking?
  • It is time to unleash your child’s true potential! Hone his/her skills to make him/her truly excel.
  • Take the first step of your child’s journey with us.
  • We’ll identify and harness your child’s real talent and potential through the DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) study.
  • Your child’s future is just beginning – make it a great one!

Career Counseling Training

Amaze Offers Training on Career Counseling

  • Ever thought of becoming a Career Guidance Consultant?
  • Do you have what it takes to advise people on their future?
  • Our training could be for you!

We give training on:

  • Education in India and the curriculum
  • Courses available after the 10th class
  • Advising people to choose the right stream
  • Various career options

DMIT Training

Here at Amaze, we love helping people! If you’re interesting in DMIT Training, we can help you too! We offer one-to-one training on DMIT, which is perfect for career counselors, teachers, and career consultants.

How is our training delivered?

We have both online and offline training sessions.

How is it certified?

Following the successful completion of the training, you will be issued with a certificate. This training then allows you to begin your career as a Dermatoglyphics Analyst. You can either begin a franchise or start your own brand.

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