Psychometric Tests

What is a psychometric test?

Psychometric tests assess your intelligence, skills, and personality. They give us an assessment of your career values, interests and abilities. At the end of the test, you are provided with a detailed and personalized Comprehensive Career Assessment report.

The Comprehensive Career Assessment report will help you choose the right course, stream or major in your future studies.

What are the key benefits of taking a psychometric test?

There are many benefits to completing a Comprehensive Career Assessment Test.

The test:

  1. Provides a detailed career analysis with an execution plan
  2. Helps students choose the right career
  3. Analyses the taker’s personality type
  4. Suggests the taker’s preferred learning style
  5. Gives advice on preference of potential careers
  6. Gives information on 16 career clusters, 125 different career paths, and more than 2000 occupations

How can a psychometric test help businesses and their employees?

Amaze conducts psychometric tests for employees working in various organizations. The generated reports are shared with employers and help them to understand their employees and their potential. Through the reports, they are able to see the strengths, weaknesses and personality types of their employees. With an abundance of information to hand, employers are able to design tailored training and job rotation activities for their employees. Having this tool will help any organization improve the performance of its employees, resulting, therefore, in significant growth in the performance of the organization in all important areas. Additionally, it will help to improve job satisfaction too and so the organization can go from strength to strength.

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